Two Hats

Noggins wear many hats

Two Hats

Most of us wear more than one hat at a time. It can sometimes get tricky to pull it off with the apparent ease I am demonstrating in this picture. It might look easy, but it ain’t.

Of course, if I had more heads, I could wear even more hats. Now I know that most of you have only one cranium, so I won’t go on and on with this particular wishful thinking exercise.

Noggins wear many hatsOften we are in situations where we must be both strong and vulnerable, or busy but not too busy. Helpful but not enabling, compassionate but not a door mat, smart and stupid, politically aware and engaged but not depressed or apathetic, tech gadget user and people person, health conscious but not annoying, a carnivore and a vegan, Metallica and Mozart, Ying and Yang.

I think you get the picture. Balance can sometimes be hard to achieve and maintain.

  1. Scott Fitzgerald waxed poetic and wrote the following:

“This selfishness is not only part of me, it is the most living part. It is somehow transcending rather than by avoiding that selfishness, that I can bring poise and balance into life.”

Poise and balance, two hats I will strive to wear.

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