Three Pears

three pears

Three Pears

I posed for this picture with two of my good friends to help illustrate the fact that not all pears are the same. Just like you, we are mostly the same, but still different, unique, and individual. Sometimes very much so.

I’ve noticed that things seem to go better when we allow for and even expect differences–celebrate them even, if you feel so inclined.

three pearsAs the recent Nobel Prize winner in Literature, Bob Dylan wrote, “I ain’t looking for you to be like me, see like me, or pee like me. All I really want to do, is baby be friends with you.”

You might think this line from a live version of “All I Really Want to Do” to be slightly funny at best or perhaps sophomoric or void of any significant meaning. To me and my other pear friends, such is not the case. These lyrics, simply and with small words, illustrate a profound truth: that you don’t have to be the same as someone to appreciate them.

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