In my other life as a concrete contractor, in addition to the standard driveways, patios, and foundations, I became increasingly involved in the decorative and artistic side of concrete: complex water features, concrete countertops and tabletops, and large sculptures. Often in the course of my work, there would be leftover colored concrete. I amused myself making small concrete heads with comical faces. These little “Noggins” ended up being placed both inside and outside my house.

I soon noticed a universal reaction and response as people saw them. There was always a smile, usually accompanied by a chuckle or chortle. People emotionally responded. These little guys were contagious. Except for two people, Vader and Voldemort, the effect seems universal. The Noggin happiness contagion is unstoppable.

I next started to do what I’m hoping you will do. I shared my beloved Noggins with people I cared about. I kept a few and shared the rest. They make people happy and make me happy.

Noggins make people smile, and when you smile, you become happy. Click here for some verifiable scientific evidence.

It is a fact: Noggins make wonderful, thoughtful, unique, marvelous, cool, dope, awesome, hip, splendid, personal gifts – for yourself or someone else.

Custom Noggin