Noggins are made of GFRC type concrete with an acrylic additive, the same type of concrete used in concrete countertops. It is super durable and very hard. Each batch of concrete is very small (enough for about 20 Noggins) and colored with metal oxide integral concrete pigments, which are color-fast and suitable for outdoor applications. The colors are mixed in a loose and spontaneous fashion to add to the uniqueness of each Noggin personal sculpture. In addition to concrete, an almost unlimited variety of accessories are added and embedded in the concrete, adding personality and pizzazz.

What can they not do? Sit or stand on your desk, hold pictures, decorate your garden, hold your business cards, or bring a smile to you or others. Noggins are capable of whatever a larger, more substantial sculpture might do. They also can brighten someone’s day as the perfect gift. What are they for? They are for you.

Noggins have a wide and varied habitat. Many love the outdoors, others like to just chill indoors. Some of the places they are commonly found are college dorms, desks, kitchen counters, windowsills, gardens large and small, night stands, book shelves, out in the yard, up on the fence, or even in trees. It is difficult to imagine a locale where they would not thrive.

The entire Noggin making process is designed to ensure and enhance the individuality of each Noggin. From the small batches of hand-mixed colored concrete, to the last step of creating facial expressions, each part of the process adds to the creation of a unique piece of art, your own personal sculpture. A few simple tools are employed to poke eyes and cut smiles, but each Noggin starts as a rough ball of concrete and is shaped by hand to become the one-of-a-kind Noggin it was destined to be.

The individuality of each Noggin is essential. The process has spontaneity and uniqueness built into it. No molds are used. Noggins are made in small batches of various colors mixed together to create tall heads, big noses, small ears, beady eyes, contagious smiles, movable limbs, and all kinds of other crazy stuff. During the final step of creating the facial features, I let each one look at me before I allow them to cure and harden.

Each Noggin has a hand stamped serial number on a small round piece of stainless steel, which is embedded on the bottom. This is yet another way each is set apart from all other Noggins. It is also the number by which they are tracked and by which they are known and labeled on the website, at least until you name them.

GeoNoggin Serial Number Stamp

The dictionary defines art as, “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for beauty or emotional power.” Noggins satisfy this definition, certainly the beauty part. They are your own personal sculpture.

The shopping cart has a feature to accommodate the uniqueness of each Noggin. Because there is only one of each Noggin, when you buy one, it will disappear from the website. If a Noggin is put in your cart but not purchased within 24 hours, it returns to inventory. As Noggins are purchased, new ones eagerly take their place in the queue. This allows for a smooth functioning site.

First of all, don’t despair. Contact me here and perhaps we can create a custom Noggin to satisfy your soul. Or wait and check back in a few days and see what has changed – new selections are added as Noggins are bought.

Absolutely. I have created many happy Noggin families for groups and organizations. They make fabulous gifts or commemorative statements. Contact me, and we can discuss your situation.

Yes, most are fairly hi-tech individuals.  You can find them on Facebook and Instagram. Almost all Noggins are not shy, so feel free to share your own Noggin photos wherever you might.

The initial spark that lit the Noggin flame was smiling, happy people. When we smile, it is not just our lips moving. Physiologically, good things happen when we smile.  We really become happy. Many scientists have noticed this phenomenon, and much research has been done to understand the how and why of it. Visit the links below for a small sample of what is out there to support my contention that Noggins make the world a happier place, starting with you and whomever you share your Noggins with.



From birth, each Noggin can roam at will. No fences or cages here. We encourage them to go wherever their fancy leads them. Like you, Noggins do best when constraints are kept to a minimum.

Simple – We ship USPS Priority Mail, which comes with insurance on the contents and is trackable. All sales are final. Contact us if any problems arise.

Still have questions? Let us know what you’re wondering here.

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