Noggin in a teacup


Noggin in a teacupWhy am I in this beautiful Japanese tea cup? Where is this cup from, and how was it made? What the heck do you, I, and this cup have in common?

All wonderful questions, dear reader. Let me endeavor to satisfy your well-placed curiosity.

This cup is from Bizen in central Japan, a place that has been home to making sublime pottery since the 14th century. The clay is dug out of the ground right there, mixed and formed into cups and other vessels, fired in a wood-burning kiln in a lengthy process, which takes two weeks from start to finish.

During the firing, the ash from the wood slowly deposits on the super heated pottery, leaving a unique pattern on each piece.

So that is what Bizen pottery and I have in common: we both are handmade and utterly unique.

As are you.

We three have something in common.

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